Krell HTS-1UpgradedTo????

I recently purchased the krell hts-1 and found out I can upgrade this unit without spending thousand of$$$$.
Has anyone else tried this upgrade.I read Mikec thread under Home Theatre/A Smart buyer and was very informative.

As far as I know, the only upgrade available is for the firmware. There are no hardware upgrades?
OF course not,,, NOT FROM KRELL.. Krell wants to rape your bank account. Krell wants their customers who spent 6000 retail on the great HTS 5.1 to trade in that 6000 unit plus reach down deep and pull out another 4000 to end up with their lastest SACD capabile HTS 7.1.. Thats ONLY 10,000 bucks to end up with what is essentially the same exact sound by trading in the HTS-1 for the HTS 7.1... 4000 more plus what it cost for the HTS-1 5.1 to have SACD capability....

WELL FOLKS,,,, guess what... For ONLY 395 bucks and keep your great sounding CLASS A HTS 5.1 (or better yet if you need a great CLASS A A/V pre/pro pick up a used HTS-1 for a mere 1200 to 1500) and a small but good company named MSB Tech ( add a 5.1 analog input directly to the HTS's vol control... WALLA-- BINGO,, you have a great CLASS A sounding A/V processor with multi ch SACD capability for under 2000...You can't buy a good quality A/V mass market Reciever for that price... Don't worry Rand,,, you made a very smart educated choice... You have a CLASS A setup for the price of a decent quality mass market system... Very good Randy..