Krell home theater standard 2 vs. Theta Casa Nova

Hello audio Gurus!
I am in the process of building up a 2 ch and home theater that will also serve in a limited capacity as a living room. I have some Bel Canto amps, and now I need to decide on the procesor which will need to do excellent 2 channel, home theater and sacd/ dvd-a( which I am new to). I just came across these two processors at a good price at a local 2nd hand audio place. Can anyone comment on how well they will work for me? I unfortunately will not likely be able to home audition them. I may not even be able to hear them pre purchase so I will be leaning heavily on the advise received here. I am also deciding on speakers but that is another can of worms/thread but it is looking like vr4jr or eggleston rosa/fontains if that helps with "synergy" considerations.
Thanks in advance!

The front of the Krell says "Audio Video Standard II"
It sounds like you intend to use your processor in the same way I use mine, sharing HT and two channel listening in your main living area. The CasaNova is very close to the quality of the starting DACS of the Casablanca which is one of the best sounding pre/pros ever. Theta does a better job with Digital to Analog conversion that just about anyone. Theta's approach of using daughter boards for upgradability makes good sense and the CasaNova will never be an out of date product because of this. Theta is also coming out with a new version soon in the wake of the Casablanca III.
Not 6 hours after making this post I recieved an email from a second hand audio dealer and he has a Casa Blanca I for about the same money as the Casa nova. The CB has the superior dacs all around and is in good (although old) condition. A couple of the analog audio in jacks are intermittantly loosing signal. I think it would give the an upgrade path if necessary later on that the CN may not.
Sound quality on the CB was just a non event. It just wasnt there, purely transparent. No signature imparted at all and just music. My only concern is the age of the unit, and if a couple of analog inputs are faulty, is it likely somthing else is failing? Is there anything on the CB that is known to fail that I should check out?
Anyone know the price to upgrade this one to a casa blanca II or III.
What are the differances?