Krell Home Theater Standard

I've seen two of these advertised, HTS and Audio/Video standard. I can't tell which is the flagship. I'm also curious if anyone owns either of these, would you care to give a testimonial? How is Krell with upgradability. I also saw that they have component video switching. Is it broadcast quality? Also, would you recommend getting the 5-channel amp that they have paired with this pre-amp? Thanks.
The HTS is now replaced with the new HTS which has analog bypass.The AV Standard is the flagship and is now discontinued.As with all Krell pre/pros it has the annoying 2 second delay with cds,will not lock onto digital feed from satellite when you change channels and has a fixed 80hz crossover which is unacceptable for any pre//pro at these prices.Though they are very fine pieces,for he money I can name a # of pre/pros that surpass them.
Thanks. I'll keep shopping.
On the other hand, the "old" HTS can be found at truly bargain prices these days. After considering what I'd actually have to pay, list prices aside, the Krell was the best bang for my buck.
The Krell does sound very good though. They are offering a few upgrades latter this year. I would recommend both their amp and their processor.