Krell Home Schooling Anyone ? Need a Tutorial...

I'm always thinking about new/better, I'm always on the hunt for more/new info and good stuff...not that I need another amp right ? Got a CJ MF2300 amongst other lessor amps and receivers...

Can anyone give me a quick intro to Krell amps ? Got time to read, schools out...
Should have added...

- looking for a entry level amp, maybe the KSA-100 on AG, mostly due to $

- looking for 2 channel audio only

- 'best' speakers I have are Vandy 3's or Infinity Crescendo 3009's, AR9's (need refoaming)...
Here' s a good place to start:

Pesonaly I'm not a fan of of amps with fans, so the earliest Krells don't work for me. The KSA 80/KMA 160 and KSA 200/KMA 400 series are amongst my favorites. Caveat, these amps are now getting old and might need new caps, re-biasing, etc.. It's been reported here that Krell's charges for these services can be quite expensive. While the true audio Krells (IMHO, that doesn't include their intergrateds and AV stuff) have a common signiture, there are notable differences between different series. Good luck.
I am going to review the big Krell Evo Monos. They are due for delivery the second week of July. The intro to the review will include a synopsis of the great Krells of the past- the pluses and the minuses. I'll be posting video of schlepping the big boys into position- they weigh 170 lbs each- Egads!

Here’s a link to the listening room, equip, my biases, etc.

Peter Breuninger,
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I am surprised no one has done a Krell fan site- similar to the Audio Research Database.?
I've always enjoyed the KSA 150 and 250 and MDA 300 and 500 series. They run hot and sound wonderful. Yes you might have to recap them but if you spend $2000.00 for a KSA 250 and spend $800.00 to recap it, I doubt if many amps for twice the price sound as good.
Good luck,
I have been happy for years with the "S" series amps. A little more refined than the KSA-250's with less grain and hash yet retains the realistic sound of instruments. You will pay a lot more as you go up from the KSA "S" models. A great match is the B&W 801 Matirx or N802 with a 300S IMHO. You can't go wrong, resale is quick and won't loose much $.
If you are going to purchase a Krell and price is a concern and even if price is not, purchase a KAV 2250. It has 250 watts p/Ch and and it is one of their newer and in my opinion one of thier better sounding amps. Because it is newer it is going to be more reliable and probably not in need of replacing the caps for yerars to come. I have owned many Krell amps over the years and this is one of my favorites. It is a very simple straight forward design (something that is unusual for Krell). It has a very transparrent and yet has a powerful sound. I have owned a KSA 80B, KMA160 monoblocks (USED & ReCapped),KSA 200s (USED Recapped), KSA 250(Used recapped), KRS 100 Ref Mono blocks (USED), an FPB 600 stereo amp(New), KAV2250 (Used from a friend)I have sold all my Krell but the 2250 is my favorite Krell amp, it is musical & powerful and it just sounds awesome and used for $2400.00 you cannot find a better deal. I now have PASS LABS but like the KAV 2250 over all the other Krell amps I have owned. Simple is best and it sounds better too!
Seems the KSA-200S and the KAV2250 are abt the same $, here on AG at least...
Still reading, still thinking...
If you want a good sounding Krell that you can move without a block and tackle, try the 400 xi integrated.