Krell goes to ipod and more...

First Wadia and now Krell.

More and more audiophile companies start paying attention to ipod.

And another option -

I guess more options are good, but on the second thought.. I guess getting a used Macbook, and using it as a dedicated music server is better?

Well, the benefit of the new products is that you don't need to mess with a computer which would be great for my dad.
I will be checking out the KID at my Krell dealer soon. I havent found too many reviews online so far. I have been doing more with my ipod and its hard to beat for storage and portability.
Oops wrong link for Krell

Ipod is really great for portability I can move it room to room and instantly have thousands of songs, fairly good quality sounds for background music.

It's popular. I guess Audiophile companies are trying to take advantage of it.
I always used iPod, how i can say?
They are improving more the features of it, great sound, compatibility (pc and mac) many people and companies are making accesories for it.
I already manage an iPod for business trips, and purchasing a digital dock for it makes more sense than managing two systems - iPod + Sonos, or iPod + Squeezebox, I will always need an iPod for business travel. The Wadia does come with a remote to control the iPod when docked.
Converting to iPod touch + MAC mini is attractive, but I would have to set up iTunes in two user modes - 8GB iPod touch vs. 160GB iPod classic. Too complicated.
Peachtree is coming out with a new integrated that has a digital iPod dock - the iDecco. Tubed pre-amp, only 40 wpc tho - $999.