Krell FPB300 to FPB300c, changeable?


I own a Krell FPB300 and i would like to change the faceplate to the FPB300c? Do you think it is possible. I starting to not like the grey look and prefer the newer look. I was reading reviews and specs on the FPB300c, and it is the same as the FPB300. Same chassis and circuits except for the cast. Do yu think i can just change the faceplate instead of upgrading to the Krell FPB300c?

The folks at Krell are very friendly. and upgrades are available. I too own the fpb 300 non cast. I personaly like the look of the non cast is my understanding that the 300's full update would make it a FPB400cx. If you are satisfied with the sound I dnt see the reason to make your amp look like something it is not. After it is about the sound.
I had an FPB-300 and sold it to go w/mono 350's. I looked into this for a potential buyer of my 300.

The folks @ Krell say that electronically it is upgradeable to CAST. However, the cosmetics (face plate) cannot be changed-sorry!
To upgrade the FPB300 to the FPB400cx, you would first have to upgrade to the FPB300c and then to the 400. It is not worth the money.

Thanks for all your suggestion and comments. I still love my Krell FPB-300. I just like the new look of the Krell FPB and that why i kind of want to change the faceplate. I don't think i need to upgrade to the "C" because i don't have any other Krell cast product. I just have the Krell FPB, Wadia 850 and B&W 803. If i do upgrade, i just probably upgrade to the cx, but i don't think it is worth it. If i remember the price correctly from the dealer, i think it is $1500 to upgrade "C" and $2800 to the "CX".