Krell FPB Amps-biwiring

I notice you can truly bi-wire these amps, essentially with two speaker cables. I have speakers that can be bi-wired, so should I take advantage of this and get some extra cable? Wondering if anyone has tried this with this amp and if they can speak to their experience sonically with it.

Most speakers that provide for bi-wiring will indeed sound better if that is done. (but not all)

I use the FPB300 and bi-wire.

I also bi wire my prodigys from the FPB400CX and yes is did make a difference.
Hi guys, thanks! I have 804's, and B&W is notorious for sounding better when bi-wired. I have always bi-wired them, but with the FPB amps it looks different.

So now, with the 400cx, I use two separate speaker wires correct? I have Kimber 8tc, bi-wired at the moment, so should I consider getting another run to properly bi-wire them?
That is correct you can use either posts on the Krell and if you currently have jumpers on your speakers they should be removed.You can check the pictures on my system.
Kens...I LOVE your system, it is awesome! Thanks for the pics. As soon as mine is done I will be posting pics as well.
So the remaining question here is...Is the extra investment in the extra set of speaker cable worth the gain in sound? I have been bi-wiring for years, just not truly bi-wiring on both ends. I feel b&w sounds better with bi-wire configuration, bit didn't notice a huge difference.

Just wondering if anyone with an amp capable of true biwire noticed a difference.
Another note.

It is great that Krell provides 2 binding posts per channel, but bi-wiring using one post is no different sonically than using the two; it just makes it easier.

The term used here of "true bi-wiring" doesn't really mean anything.

I guess, if your wire is not overpriced like alot of the cables you can buy out there, making use of this feature seems ok. Especially for someone who has never had the feature before.

I have experimented with alot of cables over the years, some very very pricey, None ever living up to the price sonically , and eventually came back to Kimber 8tc. I won't be paying high prices for speaker cable ever again, unless there is no further hardware upgrades that I could make. Seeing that 8tc can be found for reasonable prices I may give this a shot, if nothing else just for the look of a ridiculously over-wired, over-amplified two channel system. : )
Jc51373, I think there should basically be no difference unless you use different cables for bass and mid-hi then you may see some difference. Running good biwired cables from one set of binding posts should do just fine.
If you consider changing your speaker cables and trying a true biwire, then you should try Acoustic Zen Double Barrell, which is a true double run just terminated at the amplifier end into a single pairs. I'm running Purist Aqueous biwire and it's really good.
B&Ws do sound better biwired.

How do you like your new Krell? Did you get it yet?
Have not got the FPB yet...The person I bought it from would only accept check or money order, so it delays the process a little. I am thinking I will have it week after next early. Other than going clinically insane from having no music, it has given me time to complete other related projects. Dedicated 20A circuit, cleaning out all of the dust from my rack, put my speakers on these excellent outrigger spikes from Soundocity, learning to solder a little so I can terminated my own wires etc...I might have put all this stuff off if it were here today. : )

I will look into the speaker wire you mentioned here.
Do any of you know the size of the binding posts on the FPBs? Its does not indicate it anywhere in the manuals for them..I am just curious because I want to order some spades and there are two different sizes.