Krell FPB 600 with Mark levinson 380s

I am trying to upgrade to Mark levinson 380s which is selling for about $3100 thru agon. I want to keep my krell fpb 600 at this time hooked up with a pair of thiel CS6 with a pair of MIT Magnum M3. Any opinion on this set up with the Mark Levinson?
I have Krell FPB 300 and Mark Levinson 38s and Aerial 10t's.
You should have a great sound. Can't do much better. I love Krell power amps with ML. I do not perfer the new concept of a single line for all units. That moves you back to the old rack system days. Great for the Manufacturer.
Thanks for your opinion!With what pair of speakers are these hooked up?
The Aerial 10t's. They are simply great speakers. When new about $8000.00 can be found on audiogon for $2800.00 to about $3600.00. They love power and would truely love a FPB600.
Thanks for the input!