Krell fpb 600 problem

I have owned krell fpb 600 for few years. Recently it ve got a problem when I turn on power, one side of speaker is mute except I turn of and keep standby mode at least 15 mins or if I keep standby mode all the time it will be ok. So in case I want to play, I need to wait at least 15 mins to warm up. Anybody can tell me the problem and how to fix it because no krell dealer around me

i am no techie...if performance is perfect once the 15 minutes has passed...its sounds as if the bad channel needs 15 minutes to get enough juice flowing thru the system to play. effectively, the warm up is super slow, yes? Capacitor? a complete guess, and i may well be showing ignorance.

Email Krell?
I suspect it will only get worse over time, sounds like you need some service. Don't expect it to be cheap and shipping will cost a ton too..... Something is dying in your amps power supply, it likley won't improve over time but I'd bet it WILL get worse.

I canot say how long it will last but doubt you'll get more than a couple months as is.
I'd also try to swap speakers and see if problem moves to a different channel.