Krell FPB 600

I would like to know if Krell FPB 600 power amp is inverting or non-inverting amp? Has anyone used it to drive the bass units of Infinity Epsilon?
Non inverting. It's simple to change on any balanced amp though. All you have to do is swap the connections of pins two and three on one end of the XLR cables.
I hate to take over but since your question was answered and the title subject is up my alley........
I had the 250 long enough to know I appreciate Krell's sound(can be a little crisp at times,but I have been spoiled by the bass) and the SPL!!!!!I have read some older comparisions but looking for more current ones?
I currently use a Krell HTS 7.1 and SACD Standard and Raysonic CD 128 with BIG ATC sounding DIY speakers.
I went from the KSA 250 that was upgraded to 250S. I like the unlimited power and smoother over all sound of the 600. I sold mine and purchased the 350 monos and liked the 600 better. So I returned the 350's to Krell and got a 600C which I later had upgraded to 700CX. I still have it.
thanks Rwwear
did you find a ""BIG"" difference between the orig.FPB and the ""C"" and ""CX""?? Also did you find the heat factor similar to the KSA(I found it very hot for a 250w amp)?How did you find the mid/hi in comparison to the KSA and FPB(non C)?
thanks again
I didn't hear much if any difference between the C and CX there's just more power. The heat factor is about the same, it never bothered me. I found the 600 to be smoother overall in the treble and midrange with a larger soundstage but it's been a long time since I compared them.