Krell FPB 450mcx / FPB 700cx

Using either of these with WP8s would be using Krell Evo 202 preamp. Mono blocks verses extra power and head room?
I'd go the 700CX; Wilson's love power and lots of current. Sure mono's are nice, but the 700 is a killer amp. I owned all the Krell stuff and when I moved from the FPB300 to the FPB600 on my old Watt/Puppies 5.1 it sounded like I bought new speakers! I didn't think the difference would be that great, but I attribute it to the higher head room and current of the 600. The best I owned was the FPB750CX mono's into my MAXX 1's. If you could find a pair of those beast for a great price they rival the new EVO amps in my mind.
Oh yeah! nice system I wish both my room and pocket book could handle the Maxx 2s. And thanks for the input.