Krell FPB 400CX, Bel Canto Ref1000 MkII

Hey Guys,

I just got a new pair of Revel Gems and was wondering what amp you thought would be a better choice in my system. I have a placette passive linestage, wadia 7 transport going into a levinson 30.5 DAC and hopefully a nice turntable soon, oh and a Revel B15 sub. I know these amps are pretty different Krell is huge class A and the Bel Cantos are tiny(in size not power) class D.

Any thoughts would be great.

Apples and oranges: my choice is Krell but in your system you may prefer the Bel.

I am not convinced passive pre is the way go with either however. The Krell will benefit from a quality active pre, especially a KCT via CAST. Otherwise you will not get all the performance possible out of the 400cx. I must reveal that my set up is a KCT CAST connected into a 400cx so I am biased IMO.
Class D (code word for cheap amplification aka dumbed down) is no comparison for Class A IMHO:O)
Class D is an evolving technology. There are some outstanding Class D products on the market.

People who deny this are simply inexperienced and/or dumb.

You'll see them posting here and in other threads.
Chauncey, the only way to know is to give them a try. You'll find plenty of anti Class D tee shirts around but in my recent auditions of products using this technology i find good reason for people to serious consider products by the likes of Jeff Rowland, Bel Canto etc.
"code word for cheap amplification aka dumbed down"

Oh, you're speaking of integrated amps?
Bel Canto Ref1000 MkII is simply outstanding amplifier. At $6k/pr it provide unbeatable performance.

I don't like Placette passive preaamp, I owned it and it does not have enough dynamic range and bass extension as compared to excellent active preamplifier.

Thank you, that Bel Canto stuff must use pixie dust instead of real parts I guess.
03-14-09: Dave_b, that Bel Canto stuff must use pixie dust instead of real parts I guess.

15lbs? I don't suppose it helps to remind you that two of them are required?

Are you suggesting there is a causal relationship between weight and sonic performance?

Perhaps there is relationship - i mean your Krell 400xi only weighs 30lbs - right?
32lbs my Krell is..200w/ch into 8ohms it will do! $2k it cost me Hmmmmm. 500 into 8ohms and 1000 into 4ohms would seem to defy credibility given it's relatively demure stature:O) Any way, I thought it sounded soft on top, quick and punchy but lacking real solidity and dense images. It is an alternative however given the price of power these days, but I'll take my krell or Musical Fidelity or any number of other brands over Bel canto.
"32lbs my Krell is..200w/ch into 8ohms it will do"

...for you, I am sure and its good. For many of us such light weight means nothing bad but absense of heave heatsinks and heavy transformers. This obviously imply on the diminished concern with heat generation and identifies this (very good) amp as being heavily biased in class B.

You have excellent price per performance ratio here. However, its not class A Krell amplifier we all know.

Regarding the light weight of Bel Canto - again there is no concern about heat generation - but only because this class D amplfifier is highly efficient and less then 20% of its power converted to heat.

Next, it does not have heavy transformers simly because its power supplies are switching. May be they are good or may be bad - you can argue from morning tull evening - in either case they are...light.

You would be much better off by doing sonic comparison in these audio amplfiers

Thank you
Simontju states his case well and should be commended, unlike some other Audiofieils I know:O) Perhaps I will give them
FYI, Absolute Sound did a Class D comparison and found that their is no free lunch for amplification...even decent Class A/B designs sounded less mechanical and more faithfull sounding:O)
Dave b,

I graduated from your Krell 400XI years ago and am now happily enjoy my Nuforce digital amp like never before. I try not to have a "for" or "against" attitude for anything. My own ears dictate what's best, not any reviewers or magazine.

If you keep an open mind, there's just more to enjoy, be it stereo or otherwise.

I've been to the mountain top, but kept cominh back to the just does it for me:O)
Must be a very small mountain.
"Must be a very small mountain."

Or maybe a hill, even.

If you're looking for more weight, Dave, maybe you should give the Gilmore Raptor mono's a listen. They are 37lbs each and are class D. They have a massive linear power supply, a 1/2 thick aircraft aluminum case, and double their power into 4 ohms.

I happen to think they sound excellent, especially with a good tube preamp.
Jeepers, let's see (big breath)...ARC VT100 and 200, ARC HD220 and Vs110, Levinson 332 and 336, Krell FPB600, 400cx, Evo402, 350MCX's, MF A5, Mcintosh MC501's...perhaps I should stop and let Audiofeil add some of the amps he has "OWNED" or are they all for sale in your shop?