Krell FPB 350Mcx's enough for THIEL 7.2's + CS5i's

I am hoping THIEL owners have some feedback regarding matching Krell Amps with these specific speakers. I have both the 7.2's and the 5i's. The 7.2's are in my primary dedicated listening room, and the 5i's are in the theater. I'd like to buy Mono's, but I am only running across the 350's for sale. I have concerns that these are enough for the low loads presented by the THIEL's. I'd like to have an amp that can handle either speaker so that I can swap them periodically and enjoy the subtle differences. Pre-Amp = Krell KCT, Let me know what experience you have with these speakers and Krell amps.
Should be nearly an ideal pairing.
I have 750 mcx and 450 mcx, I will be selling the 450's soon