Krell Fpb 300 engage capacitor for tube preamp

Hey guys
I bought a Krell FPB 300 to run my tube BAT Vk 30 preamp.
Does anybody have the instructions on how to engage the capacitors on this Krell amplifier to be able to run a tube preamp like this one.

If I remember correctly, there is a small circuit board that is attached to the input connectors and the capacitor to block DC is on this board.  There is also a small jumper on this board.  The bypass jumper on this connector need to be removed to use the capacitor.  There should be one for left and right channels.  
Thank you.
i appreciate your response.
dilly3364 OP

Your Bat pre being a tube should already be capacitor coupled output, therefore if you engage the Krells cap coupled input as well you'll have two caps in series, which will be much lower in uF that just using the Bat's cap alone. This may very well rolloff the bass way too early if you use both.
The cap in the Krell should be used with direct coupled SS preamps that have maybe dc offset emitting from them.

Cheers George