Krell fpb 250m

Hi, got a krell fpb 250m, when you turn it on, itll do it thing then the breaker in the back will trip... no smoke no smell... is this a major issue? I wonder if i have to send it to krell or just a local repair guy
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It is a major issue because that breaker is the amplifier/speaker protection. If the breaker trips with the speakers connected and stays on with the speaker cables disconnected, it is probably a short in the speaker and not an amplifier issue. If it trips without the speakers connected then it's an amplifier issue (i.e., DC at the output, internal short or part of the protection circuitry damaged).

It's going to need service to find the cause. A local repair guy may not be able to help without a schematic.
Thanks a lot guys, ive been looking for the schematics and i cant seem to find one, any help...??
So i have the schematics and my tech told me that one of the power transistors is burnt, 484002.. called krell and ordered one.. its now being fixed and hopefully that fixes the issue!