Krell FPB 200c versus FPB 300c

After long audiotions, I have almost decided to buy a Krell FPB series amp, speakers will be Wilson Benesch Act One. I have auditioned the 300c which I like but it is a bit of a strecht for my budget. Has anybody heard the 200c? Any experience on their relative performance? Responses appreciated FC
I had the 300c and it sounded great. I just sold it because the power it sucked up was so great that it:
1. generated so much heat that I needed to open the windows in the summer or turn on the AC
2. turned off the heat in the winter and just ran the amp. ( I am not kidding)
3. had to change the circuit board in my circuit breaker box from 15 amps to 20 amps because it kept tripping
4. also tripped the 20 amp circuit, although not as frequent, when watching DVD's at "loud" levels
5. the power cord was 10 feet long and as thick as a garden hose..not removeable and looked ugly

However, it was the best sounding amp I have ever heard. I am waiting for Krell's new 200x5 amp due out in Feb. and am using a Sunfire Signature Amp on loaner from my dealer. Now this thing is a piece of shit. The difference in sound is unbelieveable. So much worse it sounds life, no bass, no midrange, nothing. I really hope the new Krell sounds better than this or I may go out and buy the 200c because it must draw less current and throw off less heat than the 300c and I never could use all of the power the 300c had anyway, it was overkill. By the way, this Sunfire amp is 400watts p/c, uses no current, runs cool and sounds terrible too.
I am wondering the same thing too? Have an old KSA 200 S that has been giving me problems lately and am considering the upgrade. Live outside the US and service is pretty shitty.

Any comments on durability of the FPB series vs. the old KSA S series especially for the 200 will be appreciated.....
I have an older Krell 200 FPB and it drives Thiel 6’s and Acoustat Spectra 33(Old Electrostatic Speakers) to ear magic. As stated above, the FPB amps get hot, I mean REAL hot, but it is worth it. I did put in the “recommended” separate 20-amp circuit for the amp. If your speakers are hard to drive, requiring lots of current, the 200 should do a fine job.

I go my 200 FPB used. I think it was at the time three years old. Anyway after using it for a few months it started to smoke and shut down. I called Krell and gave them SN numbers. I said, “Ship us the amp and well check it out”. Well to make a long story short. The repair only cost me shipping one way! After dealing with various high-end companies for over 15 years it was a pleasure to get that kind of support. That kind of service has made me a Krell person for life.
I have been wondering that also...especially as it relates to the mid-highs. I am going to be actively bi-amping my B&W 800s and using my existing KSA300S for the bass. Any insight anyone can give me will be greatfully appreciated!
I have had the opportunity to own the FPB 200, 300 & 600 Krell amps. The "C" series amps work best with their front end source "Cast" equipment, basically if you are not using the "Cast" technology in source equipment the early FPB series will suffice. I do think that cosmetically the newer faceplates on the "Cast" units look better. So if you're in to looks. Each unit is underated as for as "WPC" are concern as Krell has been known to be real conservative in rating their amps in "WPC". A past stereophile review on the FPB 600 confirmed tests of over 900 WPC with test on the FPB 300 exceeding 400 WPC. Have not seen a written article on testing of the FPB 200, would think it is rated above the 200 WPC. Used the 200 & 300 model on some VR 4's with the 300 producing wider soundstage and tighter mid bass. The 200 is by no means that far behind, the 300 just broadens the presence a little better. The FPB 600, well it's in a class of it's own and was used on some real ineffecient speakers that brought them to life, they basically danced around each night. They will run hot which is nice in the winter, in the summer I just turned up the "AC" and enjoyed the music with a higher electric bill at the end of the month. The hotter they get, they better they sound! I still find that they run cooler than the earlier "S" series amps. The top end is by no means harsh to me ears, in fact from a solid state unit I found it very pleasing and non-fatiqing. The mid-bass is the best I have heard from any amp and which I find to be the hardest to reproduce by many amps. The bass, well, nothing like it, tight, fast and presise! Slap in "Edwin McCain's" "Honor Among Thieves" and enjoy!! I have since changed speakers which incorporate servo control on the bottom end and currently run tubes on the top end. How I do miss those amps. As mentioned earlier the FPB 300, to my ears, produced a wider soundstage and tighter mid-bass. Good luck in your decision.
Thanks a lot for your responses. Given budget, I will probably go for the 200c, altough not having read any detailed independent review on it, and not having the opportunity for a good audition in Europe, it is still a bit risky. Any further feedback on the 200c highly appreciated. Thanks