Krell Foundation Sound And Picture

Has anyone purchased a Krell Foundation with the recent upgrade and how does it compare to other competitors. One thing that has bothered me about Krell as they have not offered a path to upgrade their products as many other companies have. You spend a great deal of money and then their units become dated with no path to upgade except to buy new units.
I'm a Krell dealer, so you can take my opinion as you see fit, but I think the Foundation is a fantastic pre/pro. Sound on both HT and 2 channel is very good. If you have not done it yet, take a look at the reviews you can find online (there are several). All of them agree that it's a really good unit.
I have always highly respected the Krell AV products over the years, both as an owner and a dealer. Typically, It's likely never gonna be the Krell that's the weak link in your system, if you're finding bottlenecks to quality sound and video using their equip, more often than not. Simply world class efforts for their gear, from my memories. ...and then there's them awesome blue lights!
I'm pulling the trigger to get the foundation this holiday season. If I can find a used ( mint ) unit what should I expect to pay? thanks guys