Krell Foundation Owners question

How difficult is the unit to set up? Keep reading that it's not fun. Any experiences would be very helpful as I'm considering this unit but don't want a nightmare. Thanks
You should go onto the AVS forum as there is a whole thread dedicated to the Krell Foundation.


Actually having it for one day I don't see it as that complicated to set up. Needed the OSD it now has. 

I cocnur w/ pinto72.

there is alot of excellent info over at AVS forum. Simply, type the product
/ model # into the search function and follow the threads.
Thanks very much. For the life of me I can't get the product search function to work. Do you have to be a member?
Final conclusion after two weeks. Actually quite simple to operate and sounds phenomenal. Extremely pleased. 

Thanks! for sharing- 4425-

I would like to get into a Krell preamp/processor, like the Showcase,
Foundation or Evo.

what other gear rounds out your system (include cabling)?
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Not finished yet but Revel F208's plus a C205. Amp is Chorus 5200 which sounds really good. Foundation preamp w oppo blu ray and all recent model AQ. 
I can't recommend the Foundation enough. I know there were issues for many buyers early on but mine made in Dec has no bugs I can find and was easy to set up and understand, at least for the basic functions. Krell tech support has also been superlative. I admit that I kind of impulsively bought the two Krell units and fortunately they have exceeded my expectations.
I would by new though as I don't know how well the service/support would be on a used piece. These are highly engineered products that will likely need help in installing updates etc.. FWIW

With any pre/pro or receiver for that matter there will be a learning curve...and of course time with initial set up.  BUT after using your new toy for a while it will become second nature to navigate through its menu etc.   It's a labor of LOVE !!!