Krell foundation OSD

Hello everybodyI recently bought a Krell foundation 4K. I am quite happy with the machine, except the OSD. The last few weeks when OSD was enabled, every change of sound settings (like turning up the volume, changing surround mode, changing TV channel etc.) resulted in a green screen comingup instead of an OSD message. I wrote the tech support of Krell... After asking me about my configuration no more answers from Krell.

Then recently there was a software update available. I installed it. Now I have no more OSD at all. The tech support does still not answer my e-mails (very poor).Anybody else having this problems?Thanks for helping, romafi01

Krell support can be very busy at times.  It will probably be best for you to request a service RMA so that you can ship the unit to Krell and have them fix it:

In my experience, this is the best route.  Be aware that it may have a cost if you are not the original owner and unit is out of warranty.