krell foundation 4k vs. classe sigma ssp mkii


Has anyone compared the two side by side?  I've been running a Proceed AVP2+6
using the 6 channel input from my Oppo 105D for the newer HD audio formats.  Was
thinking on coming more current, but don't want to take a step backwards on sound
quality.  Note, I'm pairing this with a Proceed AMP5, and am aware some units pair
together better than others.  Any thoughts or comments?

I have the Krell 4k and think it's pretty amazing. I haven't encountered a source that it couldn't decode. The sound quality, especially when running two channel stereo, is superb.

I haven't compared the Krell to the Classe, but looking at pictures of Classe I can tell you that the Krell has tons more input/output/configuration options.

The UI is unbelievably clunky on the Krell, but after a good two years of use I can say that I fully understand it now and it really does offer you a lot of options.