Krell Foundation 4k - how to use headphones?

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to use headphones with a Krell Foundation 4k UHD?

There is no headphone jack on it...and I was trying to search for some sort of wireless/blue-tooth transmitter that I could plug in to the Krell that I could run headphones off? Some sort of little wire/blue-tooth transmitter?

I am struggling to find anything...

I am not really concerned about sound quality, as I am only using this at night when the wife goes to bed and I am trying to watch TV. I have the Krell as the hub for all of my inputs - i.e. cable box, PS4, blu-ray player, apple TV, Sony media server, etc...

I mea sometimes I might want to listen to music, but hi-fidelity is not my main goal here. I just want to watch my shows at night and be able to hear what they are saying, since just about every TV show made these days seems to think high-contrast sound levels (i.e. whispering one scene, explosions the next) - is the only way to may a freakin' show anymore.

Thanks to anyone who chimes in.