Krell Foundation

Looking to see if anyone is knowledgeable or owns a Krell foundation. I am in the market for a processor. I have seen a lot of talk about the Maantz 8801 and am looking for more info on the Krell.

Thanks pinto 72
I have not listened to the Krell Foundation, but I have owned a Krell 707 for several years. The 707 is a fantastic processor, great for music using the pre-amp section and amazing for movies. If the Foundation performance is similar to the 707, you will love it! The best way to decide which one to buy is compare them, one on one, or better yet, ask a dealer if you can try them out in your own system for a week or two. Good luck!
I found this thread online that has a couple of owners discussing their thoughts. I found it interesting that the first owner had a Marantz 8801 and an Integra 80.3 prior to the Krell, so it answers the question you had in your post, Pinto.

Sounds like an outstanding unit. Out of my range, but now I'm trying to do fuzzy logic to put it into my range...

Hope this helps.
Anyone here using a KRELL Showcase Processor?
Nice! link Admranger.