I Have a ROTEL pre amp and 200W power amp and have recently upgraded to the new sonus faber Cremona M . Does anyone have any ideas on amp and source

Any Ideas on the KRELL S300i and 350 CD player??
I would feed the M's something a bit better than the S300i integrated. Try taking a look around at some of the older FPB class A series amps. the 200 watter version can be had for under $3000.
....I also own the Sonus Faber Cremona M's.....the like the power. They are also a 4 ohm speaker.
I would look at a Musical Fidelity Integrated amp. There is a new A1008 on Audiogon that also has a built in DAC and a separate power supply. (very cool) I am personally a fan of tube based gear, but after hearing this amp, I realize that there is solid state gear that sounds great and tube gear that doesn't. And vice versa. The A1008 has tremendous amounts of power (75 peak amperes) but sounds more delicate than Krell IMO. The A1008 utilizes a tube buffer stage, lists for $5k and is priced right from Upscale Audio. It would be a shame to have a product voiced as gloriously as the Cremonas and to match them with cold sounding equipment and or cabling.
You might want to look at Pathos integrateds. They work quite well with Cremora speakers. I have them monoblocked with my Cremora M's. I believe Pathos products are made in Italy just like Cremora. To my ears they go together very well. Good luck
I recently heard the Cremona M's connected to Classe CA-M600 amp, and Ayre preamp and CD player. The sound was absolutely beautiful. $14,000 for the amps, $3500 for the preamp. I may take the plunge myself in the not to distant future.
Hi, I had the chance to test the Krell s300i and the Cremona M combination and it was a great combo. I enjoyed the sound very much, honestly it exceeded my expectations as I was not expecting this system to sound so refined and dynamic. Krell new integrated amp really surprised me a lot.