Krell FBP200C/Rowland 112/ ??

Krell KRC-3 preamp with B&W 803 speakers anybody have any comments on either amp. I have heard some say Krell with B&W is to edgey. Does the Rowland 112 have enough power and bottom end with 150 watts?
I bought a used KSA-150. I prefered it to the newer FBP amps. I am driving Snell C/V. I cant imanage needing more power. I think the FBP is more up front than the Rowland its a matter of preference you need to lisen to both and let your ears decide.
i just bought a Rowland 112 used to power the bottom end of my soon to arrive Kharma Exquisite 1ds in a bi-amp setup. the Kharma is a true 8 ohm speaker even in the bass. everything i have heard and read has mentioned the perception of control and power in the bass of the 112.

i haven't listened to it yet so i can't comment if it will fulfill my expectations. as i recall the 803s go to about 35hz in the low bass but are 4 ohm speakers. that load should be fine for the 112.

there is a a review on Soundstage;


by Todd Warnke that states the 112 has "full, deep, and articulate bass".

e-mail me in a week and i'll give you my listening impressions.
If you can afford it in your budget, the Rowland 10 is SIGNIFICANTLY better sounding than the 112. IMO of course.