Krell F.B.I.

Krell will apparently introduce new integrated amp.
Here is first pic from Chinese hifi show

Opinion and Comments!
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The face looks like a bank vault door...the rest looks old school Krell.


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Looks like a hoax or imitator.... Where is the Krell logo on the amp...?
It's for real according to my friend at Krell.
Krell logo is above F.B.I. sign at the amp.
Thanks Nrchy!
What is the MSRP going to be? Hopefully not 10k or something ridiculous...
The series Krell began showing last year (evolution?) looks a lot like the FBI unit. Their gear keeps getting better and better, but the sticker is too much for most of us...
I'd be surprised if it was under 20k, but I'm curious too...
I'm with Nrchy. I bet it's over 20k. It would be a conversation piece for sure.

Has the charisma & panache of an armored truck.
Some people like Art Deco, while other prefer french Provincal, which of them are wrong porziob??? Personally I like real Arts and Crafts, shortly after the William Morris influence began on American designers and builders...
New infos from CES:
Price $16500
Power 2x300W 8ohms(600w-4ohms)
Balanced,Cast and SE inputs
Black or Silver finish
17.3W x 10.3H x 20.5D
Really something different then KAV400xi....
I have seen it and heard it - it's real.

I am a US ex-pat living and working in Shanghai. Excel Hi-Fi is Krell's Hong Kong based distributor. This past Saturday I became the very first vistor to their new Shanghai showroom. They had it set up in their main 2 channel listening room. When I inquired what it was they told me it was a new integrated from Krell not even available yet. They hooked it up for me for a listen paired with a Meridian front end and Egglestonworks Rosa loudspeakers. I heard it cold and didn't have time for a proper audition, but my first reaction was pretty good. Tight, powerful, classic Krell sound. It also looks very impressive in person. BIG. I am going back this saturday - hopefully I can spend some more time with it. I am looking to add more power for my own Rosa loudspeakers. I am currently driving them with a Mark Levinson 383. The sound is decent, but could definitely use more power in my large listening room.