Krell Evolution Preamp in Non-Cast System

Has anyone any experience in using Krell Evolution Components in a non all Krell system using the CAST technology? Interested in their preamp with other SS amps.
I believe CAST is proprietary to Krell. So the only connections between Krell pre and another company's amp would be XLR or RCA.
Sorry, I know that Krell has placed an emphasis on the CAST syste. I mean't to ask about using Krell pieces outside that system and with other manufacture components. Example: Using Krell Evolution preamp with Ayre, Clayton, or other monoblock amps.
Cvman, I just came across your posts of 07/08. I am now using a Krell Evo 202 preamp with a Burmester 911 Mk 3 amp. After much experimentation with balanced cables (the Burmester doesn't have RCA inputs), I chose a Kimber Select 1136. My amp needs a preamp with low output impedance to sound its best -- 50 ohms or lower. The Krell has a 50 ohm output impedance. I preferred it to a Burmester preamp in its general price range because the Krell has a balance control whereas the Burmester pre doesn't. (A much more expensive Burmester pre has such a control.) I very much like the sound. The Krell pre with Burmester amp sounds better than my previous combination, an MBL 5011 pre with the Burmester amp. I think the Kimber 1136 also plays an important role in improving the sound.