Krell Evolution 505 vs Krell Reference 64 and DT10

I always thought the Krell Reference 64 and DT10 was the best DAC and transport Krell has made. Has anyone been able to compare how redbook CDs compare on this system vs the evolution 505. I know you get SACD with the 505 but is it worth upgrading from the ref 64/DT10?

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I haven't compared them, but I would guarantee there is a huge improvement. The "64" is very old technology and as good as the DT10 is, the 64 is the weak link.

At one point, I was going to upgrade my Studio to the 64 (at a great price), but I contacted Krell and was advised not to do that. They told me that the sound difference was slight and that the 64 was not as reliable and expensive to fix. I followed their advice.

Years later, wanting to go for SACD, I bought the Marantz SA14. Properly set up, it blows away the Krell in all aspects.

If I could afford the 505, I would buy it!

I have owned a lot of Krell over the years, and with the exception of the Marantz, use only Krell now. I have always found that the newer products always sound better than prior models.