Krell Evolution 402 Vs. Pass Labs X.5 Series?

When I had Pass Labs x250.5, Valhalla IC and Cord was necessity. Sonicaly speaking Krell is totaly different than Pass. I had to also give up Exact Power since it is useless without a poweramp. Anybody who considers any new Krell amps must be avoided by Nordost Valhalla range. Because Valhalla works on high and low frequency spectrum very well in expense of loss on mids. IMO, Krell is very strong as long as bass control and quality plus highs concerned. But in return or matterfact you end up with a little dry sound if you use a solid state preamp such as Boulder.
Boulder amp+Boulder Preamp will sound best with Sonus Faber and Focal speakers. No matter which boulder you combine you will end up with dry sound with Wilson Speakers.
Pass Labs amp+Boulder preamp combination will need at least two Valhalla or similar cable together with Wilson Speakers.
Krell Evo amp+Boulder Preamp setup is unknown case, however, I have seen improvements after JPS cable took place between DCS and Boulder 810. If Aluminata cord and speaker cable make difference, it is a good news to me.(don't have cord and speaker cable yet) Otherwise I need to replace the Boulder 810 by LYRA Conn. 4-L-SE solid state preamp or ARC REF 3. Again I assume I use still Wilson Sophia 2.
But there is always a ''B'' route. My ''B'' route is Sonus Faber Amati Ann. where I don't need to replace my Transparent cables. Complicated isn't it?
Never build a system around cables.
if you had your system voiced with certain components, cables, etc and you had synergy, by introducing a different amplifier you altered that synergy in a negative way.
There are possibilities you will have to rework a lot of things.

What was wrong with Pass/Boulder/Wilson combo?
Couldnt you try a Nagra PLP with the Krell?
Wilson use Nagra PLP+Spectral+Alexandria.

Nothing wrong with Pass X250.5. It can compete any S.State power amp as long as it doesn't leave Class A. It is a little bit dark sounding amplifier that is it. If Nelson Pass could make a stereo amp, class a or heavy biased AB (first class a watts 60 or more) I would go for it!

I bought Krell Evo 402 without any listening. I believe this amp has potential of driving Sophias indeed good.
That's the game for me.
Actually Pass makes XA.5 series now and that is Class A only. Or how about X350.5? Almost 60w/ch in Class A.

So now with the Krell it's bright?
If it was me, I would most likely not pair Wilson speakers with a Krell amp. I doubt a tube preamp such as REF3 paired with the Krell would solve your problem.

You either have to get an amp that sounds the way you want with these speakers or swap the speakers.

but Wilson Sophia are very good speakers.
I'd not trade them for Sonus Faber. I'd rather swap the amp.
X350.5 stops around 25-30 class a watts according to Nelson's post at diyaudio. I don't want to accommodate 2 monos, I have only place for a single power amp. I agree about Sophias and don't have any intention to swap them.
You are wrong about new Krell gear, they are not bright but ''dry''.
I'm using a PASS X250.5 Amp. & PASS X1 Preamp. to drive a pair of Wilson Audio Sophias, and this combination sounds excellent - and is as good as is sensibly needed for near reference listening in a normal size room. My Source is a Krell SACD Standard MK3, and I'm using inexpensive Transparent Plus Series Spkr. Cables, Canare XLR ICs, with OEM 14-AWG Power Cables (same gauge as in-wall AC Cable).

When setting-up this System, I experimented with very expensive Cables borrowed from local dealers, and I found the sonic differences to be negligible, if any could be heard at all, for the most part there were no real discernable sonic differences – especially amongst Cables in which the Conductors were made from the same material(s), of the same gauge, with good connectors and of quality build.

My local Dealer has a Demo. System currently set-up in his Shop consisting of Krell Evolution Electronics and Wilson Audio Sophia Speakers, and it sounds freakishly-good/scary-real. When I asked him about the Cables he told me “whatever is lying around the shop” and for Power Cables he uses whatever the manufacturer sends with the Components – obviously not overly concerned about Cables.

Whenever I bring up the topic of Cables to the Guys at PASS, Wilson and Krell, I always get an initial laugh – which says a lot about what is really important in a System – the Components (+ Listening Room).

I can’t imagine parting with a Statement (mega-buck) Component that I really like, just because I thought that it didn’t sound right with a certain Cable...
Mert, I didn't SAY the Krell was bright. I ASKED you if it was. There is a question mark there....look again.

I actually never heard the Krell Evo amplifiers sound bright. I don't think Krell is particularly a good match with Wilsons, but you can make it sound right.
have you tried a krell preamp? I really think that with Krell amplifiers, the best possible matched preamp is a Krell of the same series.

Also, I would recommend you try Purist cables. If you run your system balanced, try Venustas XLRs and Venustas Speaker cables. This might be the ticket if you think it sounds "dry" now.
Elite audio,

Send my regards the guys at Krell, Wilson and Pass. Tell them why they don't build their gear compatible with cat 45 or gigalan even wireless? :)


If I had chance to mate my amp with Evo 202, I definetly would do. It is not available right now, maybe later on.
Altough, boulder is not a bad preamp at all.

Purist is also interesting cable, sometime soon I will try. But now I am trying to understand my new JPS Aluminata.