Krell Evo 505 vs Esoteric X-05 or X-03

My system consists of a Krell KCT preamp connected via cast cables to Krell FPB 350MC monoblocks then siltech to B&W N803's. My current front end is a Krell KAV 280 CD player which is a bit tempermental. It will only play redbook cd's in pristine condition and sometimes refuses to play blemish free cd's and will not consider anything I have burned.

I am tempted by the entire cast linked system by running the 505, but I am concerned that the 505 will be as selective in what it chooses to play. I have some limited experience with Esoteric players, and they played anything and everything without fuss, and played them brilliantly.

Thank you for your thoughts.


I am a fan/current owner of Esoteric gear and have owned the DV-50s, UX-1/Limited and currently own the P-03U and D-03. They play everything (except Dual Disc as documented) without an issue and do it extremely well. I have also heard and been extremely impressed by the Krell 505 (3 years ago). A friend also owns one. The sound for SACD and CD (and XRCD, HDCD (read as RBCD) is extremely impressive and I've yet to see the unit have a problem reading either of the two types of media that it supports.
The EVO 505 is discontinued. Krell replaced it with a the NEW EVO 525 line shipping this month. The EVO 525 is built from the ground up and uses a new transport system of the slot variety. I was told by Krell that the transport is much better than their old ones and are very accurate/quiet and have much less jitter.