Krell EVO 302 or 302e

Has anyone heard these amps, either one? I am contemplating moving to one of these. I have run Pass Labs XA30.5 for some time and really like it, but always wondered about Krell. Any thoughts out there?

My speakers are not so power hungry and are powered fine with my 30 watts, just wondering if anyone can share comments on the sound of the Krell 302 in comparison to my amp or any others?
Dave_b, did you ever try the Krell system with another cdp?
I used FPB 600c, 700cx, KRC_HR, KCT, KPS 25sc and KPS 28c.
The KRC_HR is much smoother and warmer than KCT. 700cx was darker and smoother than 600c. KPS 28c was probably what i liked least of the Krell units i owned. I think the KCT is perhaps slightly strict and stiff, it does not offer same sense of musical pleasure as KRC_HR did. I think i had better used 700cx and KCT with a similar cdp to todays ARC CD 8.
In the quest for utter control and neutrality, at times some musicality is lost. I have been told the later Krells should be better. I have not had the chance to even hear them though.
I have heard many using the Krell amps + pre's, but more musical cdps. If they sound similar to the later Krells i owned, it seems like a good option.
I know the krell700cx is a little old, but dark sounding?, depends what you use for a cpdp, preamps, never liked any of them, seems to dilute the signal,shortest interconnect, speaker cables help alot as well,very extreme high dollar cables at that seem to do the trick!, seems that the ayon 2s cpdp run straight into amp is in a league of its on,this cpdp is a tube player,4 tubes to be exact,doesnt sound tubey, ayon is not known for that,the sound?, stunning to say the least,never had the chance to here the 402e amp yet, look forward to it,the older 402 evolution amp?, I agree with the gentleman earlyer, the fpb700cx sounds more alive, more real,pure class a, not ab, however i have been told the e seris krell is really good,hopfully i will get chance to find out, It all does come down to impeadence matches, and ,well synergy! i must say,fpb700cx dark? you had some very inferior cables, and cpdp.

The 'e' series has much more aligned output stages and a enhanced power supply, at CES a couple years ago when they first came out Krell demoed the 402 v 402e and the room unanimously agreed the e series was a significant improvement, they are more open and smoother and more musical, they are well worth the upgrade!
Tnx Kennyt,

I already upgraded from Evo-400 to Evo-400e.. Cannot comment easily the sound differences between the two series of power amps apart from the rest of the chain, since I acquired the Phantom preamp as well (Evo-222 earlier). But, in total - night and day.
I ordered a Krell 302e for driving a set of B&W 802 diamond. I am wondering if an upgrade to 402e would make sense or if I will be just right with the 302e.