Krell duo 175 xd

Anyone who owns the Krell duo 175 xd and would care to post comments/a review?  As I’ve posted before, I’m interested in a solid state power amp to go with my KEF Reference 5 speakers and Audio Research LS22 preamp and ph3 phono stage.  A dealer who I trust is very high on the Krell and describes it as having a tube like sound in a good way.  I’d be interested in hearing from people who
own this amp.  Thanks. 

Krell has been getting some excellent press on the 175XD unfortunatly the review is in German and google translate isn't working for this article

The summation in English see above is good

Here is a full review from Tone audio comparing the old non XD amplifiers vs the new XD sound.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Krell dealers