Krell Customer Service

I just wanted to give a "shout out" to Krell for its great customer service.

I have a 15 year old Krell Theater Amplifier Standard, which recently had a channel go out.    I emailed Krell and they sent me a quote to have it fixed.   After I accepted, they emailed specific instructions on how to remove the channel, package it, and send it back.   I sent it in, they fixed it, and shipped it back all within in two week period.   They then followed up to make sure everything was working well.   Works great!

This turned out much better than I originally expected, because I was already looking at new amplifiers to replace it(since it was pretty old).   Good overall experience and saved a lot of money, ultimately.

Just thought I would share...

I agree Krell has awesome customer service. I had lots of questions when I purchased my Digital Vanguard and they were so quick to respond and even set up a conference call with engineers to resolve my user issues.
Plus my amp sounds amazing!!!
Same experience here with Krell customer service, outstanding. I also own a Krell TAS, nice to know i can send an individual channel back for repair if it fails and not the whole amp. I have been told by Krell customer service the TAS is very reliable. Please comment if this is your experience. My TAS is also 15 years old and still works perfectly, this amp is a keeper for me. Mind you, I said the same thing about my fully refurbished KSA-250, then I sold it! Most stupid thing (HT, HiFi related that is) I have ever done. What an amazing amp the KSA-250 is, I can still remember how it sounded and performed, legendary. 

Yes, this is the only problem I’ve ever had with the amplifier.   Works great and I expect to use it for years.