Krell Chorus amps

I have seen much lamenting of the "new" Krell amps vs the older amps. I recently purchased a five channel version(5200) for a home theatre set up which is still not ready to install. Therefore I have been using the amp in my two channel system to insure there are no issues etc. My primary amp is a very sweet Dartzeel integrated. My expectations were not very high that the Krell could be nearly as rich and musical as the Dartzeel. Wrong. The Chorus exceeds all expectations of a 59 year audiophile that's owned a lot of very fine gear. My last Krell amp was an Evo 302 which was a really good amp too but I don't recall that it was nearly as musical as the Chorus.
For any that are interested I think it very well worth the effort to hear these amps if shopping for an amp. Two observations: 1. The fans are whisper quiet. 2. I loved the prior Krell look and am very happy with the new look as well. When you unbox the 100lb amp and examine it there is no doubt it's total Krell, nothing cheap about it. It's all about the sound; count me in as very happy with Krell's latest technology. 

Very encouraging. Thx. I was debating on these if i should get one or not. By any chance have you owned or heard the Classe CA2200 or CA2100 ? How do you would you compare in a shoot out. As i currently just pbought one (Classe). 
I also have a fairly new Classe Sigma 5 amp which also sounds very good. I could not give a fair opinion as two different rooms with different equipment . I will say the Classe's class d operation sounds outstanding and it runs pretty warm. Sorry that I can't provide more detail. For sure the Classe will fit spaces inconceivable for the Krell. 

@4425 I just purchased the 5200 today - haven't hooked it up yet, but I did a very long demo at an a/v spot near me. They used similar Martin Logan ESL's to mine (a level down), and I was absolutely floored. Granted, I don't have a large frame of reference - I have been using my Marantz 7011 AVR as my source of amplification. I was literally blown away by the sound - we started w/ a Parasound and then I listened to the chorus, as they had a floor model for sale. It was a tough decision between the two (keep in mind, I'm new), but I went w/ the Krell for the value as I was getting a steal. Can't wait to get this fully connected!