krell CD Player Recommendations

Recommendations on a Krell CD Player that is a great match for a Krell KRC HR preamp?

I was looking at maybe an SACD MK III. I heard it's basically the same as the EVO 505.

I don't have to have SACD though.

Was hoping someone had some experience with this preamp and something still in the Krell line.

Also, I want a player that has an integrated DA Converter. I don't want to have to purchase a separate piece.

Budget is about $2k for something used.

KAV 300CD? KPS 20i?

Music taste ranges from classical to metal.

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I would be interested in this intel as well, Floortoms1977.
The biggest query of all, is wether or not, Krell still has replacement transports/laser assembly for these older spinners?

I would like to read more info on the EVO 505 player as well. Happy Listening!
The Krell 20i is still a killer player. The DAC and transport can be used separately as well. Only problem is Krell does not have transport replacements....but they can be located on E-Bay from time to time.
I've heard Krell CD players many times and never cared for them. Why go through the trouble of finding an old CD player that you'll have a difficult time finding parts for? To get equal or better sound than something like a 300CD, you can get something brand new for less than 1/2 of your 2k budget.
Anyone have an opinion with matching the KRC HR to a newer SACD MK III or an EVO 505?

I know it's going to come down to what I personally feel sounds good to me. Just looking for some more feedback.

Thanks for the responses so far.
Evan an EVO 525.

And of course, if anyone is looking to unload any of these in black, let me know!