Krell CD Player problem, HELP

I just bought a used KAV-280cd player that is in mint condition to compare to my 840c. Problem is the transport wont read the disc and wont even spin the disc. The transport makes a weird electronic sound when powering up and down and when the drawer opens and closes. Is this trouble? DO I need a new transport??? If so should I return the player?

Player is mint, packing was superb and there is no sign of damage anywhere on the unit or the packaging. Help please, thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!!!!

Try a few different CD's. There are some Brilliant CD's that give both my players problems. 1 won't read at all, other has difficulties. 99 % of other CD's fine in each machine. Cheers for the Holidays. Pete
Hi Arbuckle,
I am sorry to hear about your plight. I just had this happen about a week or so ago. An Arcam Alpha 5 CD Player I sold to someone had to be returned for similar issues. My unit was well packed and there was no visible sign of damages.
Unfortunately, the unit arrived and would not play any discs and the drawer makes a slight noise when opening or closing. I did not sell it in that condition and refunded the buyer his total cost including shipping both ways.
I would return it for a refund with shipping charges being negotiable I suppose.
I am guessing that with the tremendous increase in packages being moved at this time of year, there are bound to be some casualties....
Sorry to hear of this but on the other hand, Krell has tremendous customer service. I once had a KAV 300CD taken care of by them and I was more than happy with their effort.
I hope everything works out for you.
Happy Holidays,