Krell CD-DSP cd player?????

Does anyone know this unit? I can't find any information on this unit anywhere including Krell web site. Although
this unit was first built in 1992 est. it is said that this
unit comes with upgradable software and digital transformer
to guarantee against obsolescence. This is an excellent sounding cd player as I have recently auditioned one in a local audio dealer but I don't know if it's worth the dollars they're asking for it. If anyone has any information of this cd player I would greatly appreciate
your response. thanks
Just my opinion (from a Krell lover):

I use to have the Krell Studio DtoA which also came with upgradable software. Unfortunately, Krell never made any software to upgrade it. I believe this is the case with the CD-DSP; at least it would only possibly be upgradable to a point in the distant past. I would also be concerned about availability of a transport should yours die. I was recently talking with Dan D'Agostino, I he told me that was one of his incurable problems -- some transports are no loner available. I would definitely contact Krell regarding the particular transport in this unit.

As I was told by a dealer friend, the newer digital products, dollar for dollar, exceed the older products by a long shot. With the release of SACD, I decided to try a new product. John Marks of JM Records, had written about the virtues of the Marantz SA-14 as both an SACD and CD player. I bought one, placed it atop a Nueance Platform, and it blew away my Krell (and I loved my Krell).

The Marantz SA-14 is now my source for my $60K system, and my only non-Krell electronics.

Take this info for what it is: Just my opinion
Don't beleive upgradable software is the only thing Krell really does not offer for those early 90 units. I had a Krell Studio $4K which claimed the same thing and HDCD was never even offered. I talked to them about it and thought it is a big scam, yes they have done upgrades and revisions to certain units but don't bet the farm on it. I am almost certain there is nothing available for the DSP in updating, but ask Steve @ Krell service ([email protected]).
Be careful of old digital players. Lasers are notorious for scanning problems in machines which are 10+ years old. My Cal Lab Delta and a friend's Krell CD-1 had lasers which began having problems at this age. They are usually not repairable. This was the case with my friend's Krell.
I have to agree with Elinor. My 10-year old Micromega Duo transport (had same die-cast transport as MD-10, I believe) began having problems with reading CDs. Some chip in the laser assembly apparently went south, according to distributor. Luckily, they had a Duo 2.1 transport which had a new CD transport assembly installed recently, which I bought as a replacement. They couldn't get a replacement CD transport assembly for the old one. They said if they could, it would cost several thousand dollars in parts. The upside is, the new Duo 2.1 sounds even better (uses CDM-12 pro transport. You are better off trying to find a newer transport, although some of the older transports looked really cool, and sound great(when they work). Good luck.
I agree with all the replies posted here and Krell will tell you the same thing about any used or older CD player. Some of the older units may be able to be repaired but it is a risk. I am using a DT-10 transport which I found on AudiogoN for a low price and works flawlessly but the digital read out has two intermitent areas of the numerals not light up. This does not bother me and the replacement is more yellow-orange than red and I elected to not to do it.
I picked up this player anyway because it simply blew away my KAV-300cd. There was no competition. Many people say that some of the older units made by Krell were superior to
newer ones and this was obviously one of them.

It just sounded sweeter and more musical with deeper and wider soundstage than the KAV-300cd which I just sold.

This particular player is in absolute mint condition and have been in storage for the past 3 years so I'm betting it
still has a long life left on it before I worry about irreplaceable parts........What a hobby!
Great to hear that and I am not surprised with your find, a diamond in the rough =)
I am very late on this thread, but as an owner of a CD-DSP (with the software upgraded in '96, which was the last version available) I can tell you that it has not been a disappointment in its looks or performance for the 10 years I've owned it. My only complaint on the transport part is that it will not recognize some disks burned with a CD-RW drive. No big deal. Wish I had the lucite cover for its dramatic looks, but the guys at Krell disuaded me as it must be in the down position when you're playing a disk--too heavy to remain open, and that is convenient when you're switching disks a lot during a listening session.
I agree with all positve comments made above; I absolutely love my CD-DSP, will never give it up (unless I win PowerBall & can go just plain NUTS). However, check out my comments in thread 1028132091 re inserting a jitter reduction unit between an external transport & the Krell's DAC; REALLY worth checking out, particularly if your laser's gone... (not a massive improvement, it's too good to begin with, but it's that much closer to the elusive 100%!)

George,maybe you can cosider Sonic frontier Jitter bug,its cheap in 2nd hand market and I heard it really improve my Pioneer DVD player digital out into my Krell CD-DSP..sound more warm and relex.
I will keep an eye,for it if it shows up in the used market.
As far as the laser talk and mechanisms of transports and older CD players that are discussed above.
I called KRELL and Patrick at Krell service (great guy)
told me to keep my MD-1 for as long as it works and when it dies to just move-on to the next thing and keep the MD-1 as an object of art.It is gorgeous piece (any KRELL)circa 1989-1992 MD-1 MD-10 THEIR GOLDEN DIGITAL AGE.
My two cents worth.