Krell CAST vs. Other High End Interconnects

I have just bought a Krell KCT preamp, to match a Krell KPS28c cd player that I have in my system. I have been using the Krell KPS28c with a Krell KRC-3 preamp and connecting the two with Audioquest Amazon balanced interconnects, which are silver-based interconect cables. Now with the KCT, I am thinking about trying out the Krell CAST interconnect cables between KCT and KPS28c.

Do Krell CAST cables really sound better than other high-end balanced interconnect cables of other brands? Has anybody done any comparison between Krell CAST cables versus other high-end interconnects?

Krell CAST cables seem so cheap versus other high-end (silver or gold based) interconnect if CAST cables are so great, then why aren't more manufacturers adding CAST to their input/output connections on the equipments they sell?

Thanks for sharing your experience.
If you do a search in the archives, you'll find the answer is yes. CAST is Krell's proprietary technology. Check out
Cast cables are a completely different way of transfering the signal. They cannot simply be substituted for another cable. When I had my FPB 700cx I looked into using the CAST cable but found that it was not possible. Perhaps Krell can give some info. Do both the pre, and cdp have CAST connections?
CAST is proprietary to Krell. Essentially it keeps the connected component circuitry balanced in current domain by feeding a low impedance input with a high impedance source, quite the opposite of what is typically used between sources (low impedance) and inputs (high impedance) in all other connective configurations.

Because of this, the "quality" of the interconect is not as critical.
I had the chance to use Cast cables on my Krell 28c to my KCT and 450mx. I also compared them vs. regular but very expensive xlr cables: MIT Oracle 1.
I found that for the money CAST is the best but somehow it sounded thin to me. The Xlr cables gave me more body and weight.
I would stick to the Cast cables to save money if I was you. They sound fantastic and 90% of the expensive cables.
With Cast it is a much faster cable then regular cables. I have both. My speakers are MartinLogan electostate speakers. Cast for the money is by far the best way to go. Im selling my MIT magnums. Interested?