Krell Cast Interconnect Upgrade - Tara, Kimber etc

Has anyone compared Krells Cast interconnects to Tara Labs, Kimber, or Transparent's version. If so and if you decided on a Custom cable how much did you commit to dollar wise. What were the results of your comparison.
Based on what Krell says there shouldn't be much of a difference if any at all. I am in the process of upgrading my system to a KPS-25sc and am having my FPB-200c upgraded to a FPB-300cx. I kinda feel a upgrade to the cables make sense; curious what others feel. My speakers are Totem Mani-2's (signature version) and I am using Wireworld Gold Eclipse III+ SpeakerCables.
Mike, I have the KPS-25sc and had used Transparent Reference interconnects between the KPS and my 650mc's. I bought a used pair of Transparent's CAST cable for around $300 and was pleasantly surprised how they trashed my Reference, which is a great cable. The information and dynamics seem so much better with the CAST. I still use Transparent speaker cable. A local dealer in S.F. swears the Tara CAST cable is the best, but I haven't tried them because of the cost. Try whatever is cheap to begin with since Krell claims its the current signal transmission that is making the difference in sound, not the cable. Would love to hear your opinion of the CAST.
Sorry, I should have been more informative...I've used the cast cables from Krell between my KPS-28c CD Player, KCT Preamp and FPB-200c. I've compared them to the Wireworld Gold eclipse Balanced from CD to Preamp and Eclipse from Preamp to amp also balanced. I liked the cast connection much more. The question now becomes is there any justification in upgrading from the Krell version to a custom version. I do have the ability to purchase the Tara cables at a good price. What model were you indicating?
The local San Francisco Krell dealer is also a Tara Dealer.

Could this be the reason for the recommendation?????
Using Krell CAST interconnects on Krell KPS28c and Krell 450mcx mono blocks.Has anyone used/demo'd the Siltech CAST cable? Krell has recently ok'd this cable to be made by Siltech at $700.00 a meter and $1000.00 for 2 meter.Looking for opinions before purchase.Thanks in advance.