Krell CAST cables...which to buy?

I want to buy new CAST cables for my all EVO system (202/402/505). I think I currently have the original type.....purchased just over 3 years ago....about 1/4" diameter?
I have read many different opinions regarding the various choices available and would like to hear the up to date buzz on what is best. Unfortunately I cannot audition any so I have to make a god faith call on this.
My feelings on the sound of my gear right now is that it lacks a certain sparkle eg...cymbals seem muted and not metallic enough. Pianos don't have that percussiveness that they really have. Sound stage seems recessed. Not that I am looking for anything too bright.
I've read some posts that suggest the Nordost MMF is to fast and thin?
Any insight would be most appreciated.
When I owned my all Krell system I found the CAST cables made by Transparent were superior to the Krell CAST cables. I owned the 28C CDP; KCT; and 750 mono blocks
Cheers...I saw your posts on the subject.
I was wondering how the Nordost cables stacked up against those?
Reading some conflicting reports.
But that's hifi right ;-)
A friend here in the UK had a set of Cast cables specially made by Synergistic Research. This replaced the the Nordost and Transparent versions. I think it was a special order. He has Krell Evo system.

SR does make a custom CAST cable with their magnetic Tricon they sayed the price was $1450 US for one meter. However not too many opinions out there on it. I only know the one person in the UK David that has the cable and all he said was that he sold the Nordost for me I'm still sitting on the fence thinking of jumping in as I'm also using the original first Krell CAST cable between 202/700cx
I have been curious about this myself. Does anyone actually know the chronological mfg. order of the CAST cables? I've seen, original, thick, thin, silver, Nordst, MMF, etc...
Which came first etc...? Anyone noticed any significant upgrade with a newer version?
I do know the order is Original Thick, Thin Silver, Nordost MMF.
Not sure when the change was made to Thin Silver as I purchased mine late 2006.
I have a call into Krell so hope to answer that question soon.
Seems like there are quite a few of us wondering about this issue.
I did call Tara and they said they would make me a set using The One cable for about $3000/meter. Way to expensive for me especially as CAST is supposed to end the need for these super high priced cables.
I'd jump into the MMF if it were not for a few posts suggesting that Nordost is not the best wire to use with Krell gear, despite that fact that it is Krell's and Dan D'Agostinos personal recommendation.
A friend of mine uses CAST cables he had made by Tara. The difference is impressive and noticeable. You may not have to go all the way up to "The One" to achieve the improvement you seek.

Did Tara quote you $3000/meter for a single CAST cable? That seems a bit high as The One XLR interconnects sell for a bit less than that (as of last summer) for a pair. I'd call them back and ask them to clarify their price to you. (I'm not a dealer).

Tara Labs price of $3000 seems a little high. They gave me a price of $995 and they would make it out their RSC microphone cable they said it would be a little more if I wanted a ground station added. And I think the first generation Krell was copper wire and the second was the thinner with silver wire.
They quoted $3000/pair which is still high considering that ISM The One RCA retails at $2500/pair.
Which RSC cable did they quote you for? Not sure I would want a ground station on CAST cable.
Considering the whole deal with CAST was simplicity it sure is getting complicated ;-)
So, anyone out there using MMF and liking it?
Hi all,

Guess it's time I showed up.... I have owned and used the transparent cast when I used KCT, FPB-750MCX monos and it was OK IMO but then I switched to the Nordost MMF cast, everything speeded up in a good way. I took a gamble on the SR cast buying blind and to be honest, I was very disappointed with it at 1st as it just sounded way too harsh high up the frequency which made vocals screamed at you. I called SR ( Elliot) for the reason and was told that the SR cast is basically a raw cable unlike all of their cables would have had about 300 hrs of burn in as they cannot do so with the Nemo connectors.
I then played music constantly for 48 hrs and to my surprise, the cable settled a bit and most of the harshness had gone. Within another week, I compared it to the Nordost again and in my opinion, the SR cast is much more musical without loosing any speed or timing. the comparisions were done with my EVO-202 and EVO-1 monos.
Hope this helps.
Aloha Flash!
Many thanks for the insight.
Which cable did SR use to make your CASTs?
And if you don't mind me asking, how much did they cost?

They used the magnetic Tricon in a double barrel way because the cast cable have 4 contact point. I rather not say how much I paid because I bought the very 1st one from them from the UK distributor. This cable is awesome in every way. I will speak to Elliot soon regarding active sheilding it because he said ultimately, the cable is a Precision.

many thanks for the input.
I am still batting around the way I should go with these wires.
You sound very happy with the SR's which I can get for a total $2600 for the 1m and 2m pairs I need. The same setup with MMF's would run me $1600.
I know it's such a subjective thing especially where ones wallet comes into play...but how would you rate that extra grand spent? And more to the point in terms of overall sound is it a big difference?

i tried the original from Krell and also from Marcuscables. I also bought Transparent Audio's version and that was the key for me.
A former Agoner, Branimir (maybe he is still around!?), also bought very expensive from Siltech among others.
He does demo a lot of really expensive gear and i found him very correct in his judgements.
He also reported the best he had demoed was Transparent's versions. Siltech versions was thinner all over he told me.
I don't remember what more he went through, but i recall he told me TA was the best of them all.
Of the one's i did try in person, Transparent's was clearly best. Without going in to deep in to it, they were smooth and offered good sense body and weight. No loss of resolution or low extension. I really did not notice any downsides in my systems and never felt a need for a typical balanced IC. My system was first 600c and KPS 25sc, changed to 700cx and KCT and the 28c. If i bought Krell again, i would opt for them.