Krell Cast cables----Different kind

Hi Guys, hope someone can give some advice.

Few questions regarding krell cast cables as Im planning to buy some to try over balanced XLR.

1: Why suddenly Gon have so many for sale?

2: How many types do Krell sell?...Been told there are 3 types.

3: Do they sound different since Krell say the cast cables do not effect the sound.

4: Are Transparent and Siltech ones worth the extra money?.

5: The Cast connectors part number?. has anyone made any DIY cast?.

Thanks in advance.
Don't believe Krell! I owned their equipment for years, loved it and especially loved the CAST system. The Krell CAST cabling sounds terrible. I used the Transparent CAST cable and it was superior; it must be the quality of the copper, the configuration, the termination, but whatever, it sounds far better than the Krell wire. I haven't heard the Siltech, but let's be honest, it is known for excellent cable and I would bet my bottom dollar it too would kill the Krell. Both are hard to come by used. Good luck. If you don't like either, selling them will be easy.
Thanks HiFIManiac,

I know the transparent and siltech cast are very hard to come by. Theres a Transparent pair for sale on Ebay but its 7m in length...Does the length matter or maybe I can shorten them.

What kind of differences am I going to expect from the cast connection over Balanced XLR.

The new cast cables by Krell are called MMF.

Just found out that the older Krell branded gray colour cast cables are made by Transparent even though they have KRELL CAST on them.

Flashunlock. I don't think your information is correct. If Transparent did make the Krell version it was not to the same standard. The difference in thickness and appearance and most importantly sonics is not even close. As for the new MMF version I cannot comment as I have never seen them. A 7M version would be fine; I owned the 7M and there is no loss of signal over the CAST technology. Good luck. As I stated earlier, if you don't like the Transparent you won't have trouble selling them. Get both and listen for yourself. I used them with the 28c CdP, KCT pre amp and the 750 monos. How I miss that system with my Wilson MAXX's. My new room didn't work with all that power and speaker; too small to allow it to open up so I downsized...big mistake.
HIFIMANIAC. Thanks again for your input. I guess you are correct. I too have the KCT X series with 750 MCX but with a wadia 581-SE and Revel Ultimate Salons. Looking forward to the Cast link.
I run the smaller silver Krell CAST and like them. I tried the Transparent and they were good, but the Silver ones were better. The MMF I have not tried. Its funny as Krell has changed its tune about CAST. The thicker ones are copper 1rst gen then they had the thinner silver ones then MMF !