Krell CAST cable


I want to build my own CAST cables for Krell.

Has somebody done that?

Can someone guide me?

Which Lemo connector to buy?

I believe CAST only uses 3 out of four contact points in the Lemo connector, but which ones?

What about the shielding scheme?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


The connectors are Lemo FGG.1B.304.CLAD62Z
All four cables run parallel to each other although you can run only 3 cables but I dont know which one is earth so best to wire up all four as I have asked Krell.
Hope this helps.
Hi Flashunlock:

Thanks for the information on connectors.

From your post it seems that you contacted Krell about CAST cable and they did guide you.

I have assembled various RCA and XLR terminated cables before but no experience with Lemo connector. I went to Lemo website and could not find any guide on assembly and termination.

Ok! I understand you logic of using all the four contact points to take out any guess work and damage anything. What about the shielding? How to ground/terminate shield on each Lemo connector? Which contact point the shield will use if it does not terminate to the metal body?

If you have assembled a CAST cable, please guide me in detail.

Hi Haroon,

When I owned the Transparent cast, they only used 3 cables for termination and the ground was also taken out from one of the cables to the body of the Lemo connector. The 4th connection would be your grounding point.

Hi Haroon,

I was wondering if you ever got the information necessary to build a set of CAST cables ?