Krell bass alignment filter

I would like to know if using the Krell bass alignment filters in balanced mode (using 2 units) was an improvement
to the system. I am using a KRC-HR, 300S, 20i, & 801 III w/
North Creek xovers. My room is also well treated and every-
thing sounds to my liking. I know if it isn't broke don't
fix it, but I added the PS Audio power plant with no adverse
effects and always wondered about the Krell filters. I never
had the chance to try them in my system so please advise
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I had the Anodyne version that improved the sound. The Krell should be even better.
Thanks for the post, but I just have to wonder what the alignment filters can do prior to the amplification and speaker xover's to make the music sound better or the speaker perform better. Of course I would also match my interconnect to the rest of the system too.