Krell AVS future ?

I have a Krell AVS and it is completely updated to the latest software possible for this unit. Krell has stated that they will no not upgrade the AVS to any of the new formats such as THX, THX-EX, 7.1 etc.
My question is will Dolby DTX be sufficient for home theater or should I sell and move on to other newer units.
The AVS does have an excellet preamp and does the DTS very well.
Your support will be greatly appriciated.
That is a very good question.

I love Krell, but......

Years ago I bought the Krell Studio D to A because it sounded great and was software upgradeable. But they never did or will upgrade it. I still am a little annoyed.
By the way I still use the Studio and love it and would recommend it to anyone.
following on richard's excellent post: if darwin were able to observe krell's "upgrades," iterations or obsolescence-proof products instead of the finches of the galapagos, he might have written "origin of species" more easily and quickly than was the actually the case. -cfb
The AVS is discontinued and has been for over a year now. Once the original HTS was introduced, production on the AVS stopped. Since then they have introduced the HTS2 and now the new "signature series" or something like that. The latest series has not yet been formally released but will be a cheaper version that the HTS and much less expensive. On to your question. You cannot sell the AVS to anyone for any reasonable amount of money. I see many for sale at $4000, which is a far cry from what it WAS worth. There are many new processors that sound as good or better at a fraction of the price. If you don't need all of the new DTS-ES DD-EX, 7.1 etc. then continue using it indefinitely. It has analog bypass for SACD and is an excellent sounding unit. Run it to the ground and then dump it for spit.
I agree with all the above.

Don't feel so bad, everyone who bought Proceed's PAV/PDSD is thinking the same thing now!!!
This is all really ashame being DAC's or HTP's because I assumed that now when you spend the big bucks that the support will follow. This is a tough pill to swallow because like Drrdiamond I also had contacted Krell about upgrades for HDCD to my studio DAC and they had no intentions to do so. Even though they print upgradeable I will now not believe it. They also say there is no money in doing upgrades even though they charge well. Krell has done some other upgrades for me but it seemed with luck only. I would try a CJ or CAT I have heard some like it alot with Krell.