Krell AV Standard Anyone have one??

I have an AV Standard and I am having problems with it. I get ERR0 sometimes and the front pannel locks up on me. the only way to reset it is to toggle the power switch in the back. Is this typical???? or should i send to Krell.
I use to own one a couple of months ago.This piece sounds great but is just loaded with bugs as was the the older HTS.Just inexcusable for a 13.k piece.I would call Krell.Their customer support is execellent.
I have had one for over 3 years now. I am not too happy with these minor problems either. I get an Error 3 and/or Error 4 message if I adjust the volume while watching something in Dolby Digital (I haven't tried DTS yet but will this weekend with my new DVD transport). The AVS will lock up normally for 10-15 seconds then unfreeze and I can continue changing the volume. Strangly it only happens when I use the remote to change the volume and not with the manual volume control.

The other problem I experience is when I make an adjustment, the video output changes (like it is creating bloom). I can use video outputs that don't allow you to see the AVS's menue to work around this problem; but, I can't believe it is a problem in the first place. BTW, I had it in for service a couple of years ago because the video output would halve the screen when I used my VCR. They returned it (along with the DTS upgrade (I wanted the fan mainly)) and it wouldn't work. So, I sent it back for a second time.

I also can't believe that Krell isn't offering upgrades like better, faster DAC's. It is like Krell has left us out in the cold. I have a couple of their amplifiers but will not consider buying anything else like a DSP or something with DAC's.

I really like the sound of the unit. But, I bought it new and it doesn't have enough of the bugs worked out of it for that price. If I had picked it up for $6k, maybe I would be a little more tolerant simply because the sound quality is so good. Then again, for $6k it should work without one defect!

Maybe we should start a club. Do you think they would listen to us then?