Krell and MBL

So here is a question:
I love my Krell EVO 402 amp with REvel Salon2 speakers and BAT REx pre.
But who in this audiophile mania can ever stop upgrading.

How different or better or less better would a pair of MBL 9008a amps sound replacing the Krell? Has anyone heard these two amps close enough to compare?

My dilemma: right now I have 1 meter Purist Audio interconnects and approx. 10 meter Siltech LS-100 speaker cables.
If I made the amp change would it be better to reconfigure with long IC cables and short speaker wires or put the amps close to the gear and keep the speaker cables?

I hope this is not too confusing. Thanks for your comments and advice.
just curious what is driving you away from the Krell and towards the MBL amps?
Go with the Krell; by far better than the MBL.
Nothing is driving me away from my Krell EVO amp; the system sounds wonderful. I guess I am just wondering, grass is always greener, kind of up-grade-itis. The Krell EVO was a huge upgrade from the 400cx that I had before this.

But I am always reading about monobloc amps, short speaker leads, MBL, Audio Research, etc. So I was querying my fellow audiophiles.

I had wanted to move from my Krell 400cx to the VTL S-400 but it was made clear to me by everyone I spoke to that there was no way to audition that amp in my home, in my system, for any arrangement other than buying it with no option to return it if I was not pleased. My Krell dealer offered me a chance to upgrade at a great price. The difference in customer service was incredible. Reviewers get all their equipment for free; we have to pay for it and live with it. I think various manufacturers forget that.

I had heard the MBL 101 speakers with MBL gear and it sounded great but at the time the cost for that system was too far a stretch for me.
I've heard mbl amps with mbl speaks only. It sounded very unique and good. I attributed much of that to the distinct omni design mbls more so than the electronics, which I think are more conventional in design and build compared to other good gear. But I do not know for certain.

If you want to try different gear just to see without taking a financial hit, merely buy and sell used here on agon and do not overpay.
Both are great but different sonic flavors. MBL will be more liquid in the mids, but Krell will be "precise" sounding. I would add Spectral to your list if you have the upgrade bug. The only thing are the cables. Spectral is special. For the money new, they will really give the others a run and you might prefer them.

If I was making the choice, I would have a very difficult time deciding. There is no BEST, but what do you want.