Krell amps with tubed pre-amps

Suggestions and/or experiances with SS/TUBED combination. I own an FPB 200 and looking for tubed pre amp to match. ( $2000.00 used ). I know there is a minor adjustment needed inside all Krell amps if one is to match it with tubed gear. I'm not sure what specs the Krells like seeing in tubed pre amps. ie, impedence, output etc. Thanks!
Hi Alb24, I am using a Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE on my Krell FPB 200 and to say the least I'm pretty happy with the combination.
The minor adjustment that you mentioned is just a couple of jumpers that you need to take out and it takes 5 minutes it's just a matter of opening the top and locating the two jumpers. Krell had faxed me a diagram and intruction on how to do it, email me and I'll fax them to you if you're interested. If you're worried it may change the sound of your amp, don't be at least I never notice any on mine plus the warranty on your Krell amp is intact. Remember Krell will not fix your amp under warranty if the damage is cause by a pre amp with high DC offset.
Happy Listening.
I am running a Sonic Frontiers Line3 into a pair of 250fpb mono's. To me you get the best of tubes & solid state doing it this way. The jumper in question is easy, does not affect the sound & provides an added measure of protection to the amp.. Larry W.
Thanks for the input, Larry W., and Rmml. Is it a coincidence that both replies are using the Sonic Frontiers pre amps or is there a specific synergy with the SF and Krells that I'm not aware of. Thanks again.
I have noticed that a lot of people are using this combination. Both products are built to a very high standard , they are reliable & together they make wonderful music. Larry W.
If you can stretch you $2000 limit, you may want to try out the Hovland preamps. They are simply lush sounding that few can measure upto.
Jayt, So.. the Hovland is lush sounding?
From The Stereophile Glossary:

lush Rich-sounding and sumptuous to the point of wretched excess.