Krell amps and magnaplaner. Doe's it work?

I own a pr of Krell 250m's and have always wondered how
they would sound matched with maggie's 3.6's.
Anybody running krell with maggie's.
Thanks mike
Ouch, that sounds mighty bright!
I've experience with both....AND I DOUBLE THE "OUCH, THAT SOUNDS BRIGHT" STATEMENT!!!!
Not that it's totally out of hand, but I think tubes somewhere in that systm is deparately needed!
good luck. I think the Maggies do better with some tube magic here and there, or all the way through. But the Analyticla sound of the Krell and Maggies makes for a mighty edgy combo! However, everyone's hearing is different. I've come across a lot of people who have a tad rolled off ears, and this kind of thing would work great for them. I guess you'll have to tinker fo find out!
Good luck
IMHO, the Krells have been overly criticized for being bright. Some Maggies can be adjusted accordingly. Care will be needed through out the system to avoid the brightness mentioned above.
you should try this combo

krell with apogee scintilla
I don't know about Maggies, but they were (are) great with all Apogee's. Apogee used Krell internal amps not only to power the subwoofer on theit famous $85,000 Grand speaker, but also used Krell for the internal tweeter amp.

I heard that speaker with two pairs of the Krell Audio Standard amps running the rest of the speaker and the sound was fantastic.