Krell Amp Power Cord Upgrade?

I have a Krell KAV-3250 amp and the owner's manual specifically forbids the use of a third party power cord. The receptacle on the back of the amp does look different compared to my other components. So, Krell owners, what have you done, if anything? And, what kind of performance improvement did you experience with an upgraded power cord? Will Krell support it? Thanks!
If you have 3 horizontal bars instead of the usual 3 vertical you are looking at a 20 amp iec. The Krell amps use them. I am using a Synergistic Research pc on my fbp 300 and cannot think of a better cord. most manufactures offer the 20 amp iec and some will do updated to the required iec.
"forbids the use of a third party power cord.", utter nonsense, "Mr. D' Agostino."

I own Krell. I use the the Pure Note Sigma pc which blows away the stock OEM cord. You can get the cord with the Hubbell 20-Amp IEC.
I have tried a number of power cords on my Krell MDA-300 amps and think the Chris VenHaus designed DIY power cords offer the best performance for the price. Several members of this site have kits, they sell, to produce this cord, if you are so inclined.I have replaced all of the cords on all my Krell equipment with the VanHaus designed cords and have not been disappointed in the least.
I happen to know for a fact that squidboyw is utterly mad!!! But the power cords he recommends work very well. I have used the same cords on my Aragon amp and plan to use them on the KMA 100's I am hoping to buy.
The DIY is inexpensive and relatively easy to make. It's much easier than do-it-yourself brain surgery. I know this for a fact too!
Thanks for everybody's responses. I did check and, indeed, the power bars are horizontal. I am inclined to go with 20a IEC power cord from PS Audio(Lab II). I already have one attached to a PS Audio Powerplant 300. This front ends a Lexicon MC12, Panasonic RP91 DVD Player and a Linn Ikemi CD Player. It sounds wonderful! I can only hope the Krell power cord upgrade will yield similar results. Happy New Year to all.