krell amp and preamp keep for life.....

hi, to all krell fans (i'm one of them) i just bought a set of vintage krell amp and preamp (ksa 50 and pam-1) that are really good sounding. I can't believe when these two items are combine together and they can create magics. Even as of today (30 years later) they are still a champ. So now i would like to know does anybody has a set of krell amp and preamp that they would like to keep for life. ( i have one now, the best part is they are still serviceable )..go krell for life
Just received a pair of Evo-400e monos, accompanied with Phantom preamp with active crossover inside.

These are keepers, for sure. Is this however my lifetime kombo? Maybe yes, maybe not. Who knows...
My Krell KSA-250 will be kept for life; perfect to my ears.
My feeling about equipment is this..find something you like and stop looking and start listening. Are there better amps, speakers, source equipment than what we have, I'm sure. They call it the equipment merry go round for a reason, you can only take the ride if you can afford the ticket. If you enjoy the thrill of the ride (testing, comparing equipment looking for the "best") you can go broke buying the ticket (buying the equipment). Enjoy your Krell, they make nice equipment.
I liked my Krell KSA-50 and other Krell gear too when I owned it. But making the occasional upgrade is what keeps this hobby interesting.
I bought a used Krell FBI just over two years ago and it will probably be around for a while
FPB 300cx amp: 10 years young and going strong. Never think about changing it. Never disappoints.

KCT and 400cx ten years young this year and working and sounding flawless.
hi, close friend of mine has krell kct (pre) and a pair of krell fpb 450mcx (monos). He told me he is set for life.

nice :) :) :)
FPB 750mcx's and EVO and EVO 222 in CAST
I think Krell amps and pre amps have a synergy that makes the combination much better than the sum of the parts. I've used various Krell amp and pre amp combinations. Currently I'm using a Phantom III with an FPB 600, the Phantom replaced a KRC-HR. They always please together.

Good listening,
I have the awsome sounding 700cx,I have been counterplating going to a evo or phantom pre-amp,currently I have a cd player-pre-amp one box solution by Ayon that sounds spectacular!cheers