Krell 700cx monster vs Bryston 14/4bsst/10bLR 2way

I currently have the Bryston 14bsst for 2-12"volt(same as PMC MB-2)woofers per side and a 4bsst for my mid(ATC 75/150)and high(scanspeak 9700)(mid/hi are passive).I use a Bryston 10bLR for active duties,what i was wondering was if anyone has ever tried this or simular and tried a Krell monster after.I heard a HTS once and liked the sound alot,but would a 700 give the same volume level(i like it LOUD at times)as the Bryston combo?My speakers fully passive are 4ohms.I am not judging sound quality only loudness.thanks John
That Krell is in a whole different class of amp than is the the Bryston. But you will not get all the performance it is capable of with that preamp. Also what are your sources?

I had a 4BST and then 7BST and now a Krell 400cx. The Brystons can't hold a candle to the Krell cx series.
i have a Raysonic CD128 and currently a Mcintosh C-46 pre(although it is up for sale)..I would look for a KCT for the krell combo.
John, good call on the KCT. And be sure to use CAST. This turns the pre/power system into an "integrated amp" configuration with the connection remaining in the current domain (high impedance output into low impedance input)
Having own both,The Krell would be the way to go.